The Work: Fiction

Jonathan Cape 1971

A miscellaneous volume consisting of:

Pools - a short story

The Nottingham Captain - a moral for Narrator, Voices and Orchestra

Menace - an original play for television

Six Sundays in January - a long short story

The London Diary for Stockholm - a diary

Jonathan Cape 1974

A volume of stories consisting of:

The Man Who Became Afraid

A Time of Dying

Love Letters on Blue Paper

Jonathan Cape 1978

A volume of stories consisting of:

The Man Who Would Never Write Like Balzac

Said the Old Man to the Young Man

The Visit

Writers and Readers, Harper & Row  1978
A story for young people aged 9 to 14.
Quartet Books 1998
Twelve erotic stories based on a tale by the brothers Grimm.
Pocket Books  2006

Honey (hardback): The playwright's first novel. Abandoned by her London boyfriend, Ronnie Kahn, Beatie Bryant became determined to improve herself, and to find her own voice. HONEY opens when she comes out of university with a degree. Education has made her feel a whole human being. And yet her encounters with the world outside are confusing and contradictory. The old man in Shepherd's Market, the bookbinder, hidden in her little shop, the diverting sexual encounter, only serve to fragment her once again. Even her love affair and the extraordinary career she stumbles upon, parallel her fear of fragmentation. Written with a playwright's eye for scene and dialogue, HONEY is an extraordinary addition to Arnold Wesker's brilliant career.